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Browse our collection of violins for sale here at Superior Violins! We are more than just a website that recommends various violins. We've spent years finding the best violins in every price range, as we are all professional teachers who want students to have success at playing the violin (and not just buy a violin that will make you quit a few months later).

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You are in good hands choosing violins from us and we truly care about helping you along the process, and have a 30-day trial program to prove how great our recommendations are (so you can bring them to your teacher). We encourage you to live chat us with any questions!

Check out our BBB violin reviews which has 100% positive feedback from our customers. You'll also enjoy this Superior Violins testimonial video from some of our loyal customers! 

About our Starter Violins

If you are interested in a great starter violin for the price, we highly recommend our Gia Rosana violin which comes with everything you need to get started. Many beginners think getting a violin for under $100 is a good place to start, but keep in mind that violins can look good online, but have many issues related to setup, sound and play ability.

The Gia Rosana is the best violin you'll find anywhere for under $200, and is much better than other violins you'll find for double the price. You can get your hands on the Gia Rosana for under $10/month if you live chat one of our agents (you can setup 30-day trial first). Our Gia Rosana violin is a very consistent and well setup instrument--it won't cause you problems and headaches as we personally handpick every instrument to ensure perfect setup and quality (the first time). Beware of getting a violin from a non-niche site as they could easily come broken, or have setup issues that you might not be able to decipher. Instruments that are poorly made or improperly setup can make it almost impossible to get a clear sound out of the violin. Don't be one of the 8/10 students that quit after playing on a violin under $100 (read my article about cheap violins).

About our Best Beginner Violins

If you are interested in a better sounding violin than the Gia Rosana, I highly recommend the Vitale violin which is our least expensive hand crafted violin on the site. It's the best beginner violin you'll find anywhere for under $1,000, and could easily sell in retail shops for over $1,500. The Vitale violin is endorsed by professional violinists from all over the world, and is available through our 30-day trial program. The benefits of this instrument over the Rosana is it will produce a much warmer sound and be much easier to play. Even as a pure beginner, you'll find a lot of benefit to starting on the Vitale violin--and technically you can pay less than $25/month on a rent-to-own plan if you decide to keep the violin after a 30-day trial. It's taken us years to find a quality violin like this for the price!

About our Intermediate Violins

Next, if you are looking to buy a violin that sounds even richer and deeper for the price range, we highly recommend our Tia Bruna violin which is a beautifully antiqued and super rich/deep sound violin for the price range (get it for under $50/month).

Next, our most popular premium instrument and by far the best violin you'll find anywhere for under $3,000 is our Damiano violin (get it for under $150/month). You'll appreciate all the reviews from happy customers!

Check out the video below to hear the beautiful sound of the Damiano violin (our most popular premium violin) which is available on a 30-day trial. Live chat one of our agents if you have any questions or are interested in setting up a trial!

Which Violin Should I Buy?

We understand it isn't always easy choosing which type of violin to buy. Below is a violin sound comparison between our Vitale violin, Tia Bruna violin and Damiano violin. These are our best instruments for under $1K, $2K and $3K respectively. You'll be more than satisfied with the Vitale as a beginner, but you'll notice a huge improvement in warmth of sound and projection as you move into the Tia or Damiano. You can try any of our instruments through our 30-day trial program (you can choose to test up to three). Live chat us if you are interested!

About our European Violins

If you are looking for a beautiful sounding violin above $3,000, we carry some of the best European violins on the market. Check out my European violin article to learn more about how we source these beautiful instruments with a truly unmatched sound. Not sure what type of violin to choose? Check out my European vs. Chinese violins article to learn more about quality differences and how we choose violins in various price ranges. 

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Flexible Payment Options on our Violins

We have in-house financing plans available where you can pay as little as $9/month for a violin. We also offer financing through our Superior Violins Helpcard where for every $1,000 financed you only have to pay $35/month! 

With the Helpcard, you wouldn't have to pay any deposit to try out a violin, no down-payment (even for our European violins), and we require no initial payment for 60-days once you are approved! It is truly a great option for our customers--you can apply here if you are interested.

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