Autographed Fiddle for Dummies Book by Michael Sanchez

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Michael says, "My book, "Fiddle for Dummies" has a ton of great content that will cover how to play various fiddle styles like Irish music, Bluegrass and more. The first half of the book focuses on technique and has a lot of media resources to make learning easier. The book is over 350 pages of content that I have put together for all of you!

For everyone that purchases this book, I will ship you an autographed copy. Since I only have so many books I am going to be ordering assigned for autographs (200), I hope you all take advantage of this offer! If you want e-book access, you can also purchase the book on Amazon.

Here is a Sample Chapter on how to acheive a better sound.

Covering the basics

Chapter 1 - This is a overview of the entire book, and is great for students that want a summary of what learning the fiddle is all about.

Chapter 2 - I start by recommending violins, bows and accessories based on my knowledge and expertise. You will learn about what makes a fiddle valuable, and also more about the process of choosing a bow.

Chapter 3 - This chapter goes over how to tune the fiddle and put rosin on the bow. It also goes into detail on how to care of your precious fiddle investment!

Chapter 4 - Getting set up properly to play the fiddle is very important. In this chapter, I discuss how to hold the instrument, and common problems students come across. Some great pictures and video references are included to make the process clear and easy to understand.

Chapter 5 - This is my favorite chapter in the entire book and one I put a lot of thought into. I wanted to include everything possible regarding how to get a great sound on the fiddle, including how to avoid all the common mistakes. I included some really unique drills that I have developed over the years, which are presented in detail with video references. Read this entire chapter FREE!

Chapter 6 - This chapter shows you how to set up your left hand, which is very important for success on the fiddle. Since many fiddle pieces are played fast, this chapter covers everything needed to lay the proper foundation to achieve a fast and clean sound.

Explanation of reading music

Chapter 7 - This chapter wasn't easy to write since everyone is at a different place when it comes to reading music. I started with the basics, and then went into how to read more advanced music. This chapter will take the longest to digest, but has some really great content.

Chapter 8 - Learning how to count is easy for some and difficult for others.To be creative, I decided to start the chapter with a questionnaire that gives students an idea of how much they should be studying rhythm. I go into detail about how to count properly, which leads to getting a great sound in your fiddle songs.

The first fiddle tunes

Chapter 9 - In this chapter, I have many classic songs, and explain how to do your first few fiddle techniques. Unlike any other method out there, I go into detail about things to look for in each specific song and try to make it as personal as possible.

Chapter 10 - This is a followup to Chapter 9 that will teach you some more advanced songs and techniques.

Getting into the specific styles of fiddle

Chapter 11 - The first genre of fiddle that I show you how to play is the Irish style. This is a fast paced style that is a lot of fun to learn. I included a lot of Irish tunes, and explanations of how to do some of the basic Irish techniques.

Chapter 12 - A similar style to Irish music is Scottish music. This chapter will have Scottish based tunes and show you how to do things like the Scottish snap, grace notes and more.

Chapter 13 - In this chapter, I discuss the Old-time style which could also be characterized as traditional American fiddle music. The biggest thing I teach in this chapter is droning, which is a big part of fiddling in general.

Chapter 14 - The Bluegrass style is covered in this chapter and I discuss things like how to do tags, intros, and shuffles. I have some nice videos that are referenced including how to do the Georgia Shuffle.

Advanced fiddle

Chapter 15 - This chapter goes into detail about advanced fiddle techniques which can also apply to intermediate level violin. Techniques included, are how to master a great vibrato, how to shift in a fiddle tune and double-stopping. I include some great explanations of how to avoid bad habits with these techniques, with some great video references. I think you will really like the vibrato content I put together in this chapter!

Chapter 16 - This chapter covers how to expand your ability by learning about all the opportunities out there for playing the fiddle. I talk about how to join a fiddle session, tips on performing, and recommendations of fiddle camps.

Chapter 17 - In chapter 17, you'll will learn the concept of improvisation, which is method of creating your own melodies without following sheet music. This is a great chapter for a violinist that is interested in "jamming" but has no idea how to do it.

Chapter 18 - This chapter talks about 10 fiddle players that you should know about.

Chapter 19 - If you are interested in getting private lessons, this chapter covers all the advice I have for you, including how much you should pay, what to look out for, and more.

Hopefully, this has given you a good feel for what's in the book. Remember, I only have a limited number of autographed copies and hope to put one in your hands!

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