Elda Marina Violin

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  • One of the top violins I recommend to students is the Elda Marina. I personally fell in love with the instrument when I first heard it played. It has a beautiful-looking back, and most importantly, it has a beautiful rich sound.

    This package could easily sell for over $5,000 at retail shops.

    Description by Michael Sanchez
    CEO of Superior Violins, Violin Tutor Pro and Author of "Fiddle for Dummies"

  • Here is what the Elda Marina Violin Package comes with:

    1. Brazilwood bow.
    2. High-quality wood shell case with nice felt interior
    3. Backpack straps
    4. Case pouch for music storage and plenty of storage for accessories
    5. Rosin block

  • "We went way out of our way to find a better violin that we could afford but the Elda Marina outperformed them all. We are very pleased with this instrument and are happy to recommend it for your consideration."

    "I can hardly express what a joy it is to play the Elda Marina violin. The tone is so deep and rich. The beauty of this instrument makes me love every minute of practice time. A high-quality instrument is a truly wonderful thing. I would recommend this instrument to any serious violin student."

    "I tried several other violins in this price range and got the best response on this one. It is very responsive, deep sounding and the overtones all sound in tune."

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More about the Elda Marina Violin:

What makes the Elda Marina so special?
The Marina violin is one of my favorite violins under $3,500. It has a beautiful rich sound on the lower strings, and is a premium quality instrument. The violin is hand-crafted and has a pure sound across the register. The body of the instrument is unique and beautiful; a stunning quilted maple scroll, ribs and back. The look of an instrument is the last thing you should be thinking about when looking at a premium quality instrument, but it doesn't hurt that it is really pretty!

Is the Marina worth the price?
The Elda Marina is simply one of the nicest violins you will ever play. The value is in the depth of sound it produces, which makes playing a lot easier and more fun to listen to. I would describe the sound from a beginner violin to this one as incomparable. After just one note, you will be able to tell the Marina is worth every penny.

How will this violin compare to others out there?

As stated above, I wanted to explain the differences between the Marina and the Damiano violin which is also on my website. Since I have explained this many times to students, I am confident in giving you the best picture of the advantages of both. If a student is a beginner and they stress on the phone that they want a very deep/rich sounding violin that is very full sounding (like hearing music with excellent bass qualities), the Marina is the best choice compared to the Damiano.

On the other hand, as a student progresses, they usually gain more appreciation for projection of a violin which is where the Damiano shines. So if you want a deeper sound that doesn't necessarily have maximum projection, the Marina is perfect. The Marina is not weak by any means, but the Damiano is just a rare breed when it comes to how loud it can project. There are many others out there to compare it to, but I'm confident you will love this instrument the best.

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