Elisa Damiano Viola

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  • I've played hundreds of violas, and the Damiano viola is one of the best violas I have ever played under $10,000. It has a beautiful rich sound, and an incredibly even, clean sound across the register. It also has excellent sound projection. The Damiano very well may be the last instrument you ever have to purchase.

    This package could easily sell for over $5,000 at retail shops.

    Description by Michael Sanchez
    CEO of Superior Violins, Violin Tutor Pro and Author of "Fiddle for Dummies"

  • Here is what the Elisa Damiano Viola package comes with:

    1. Brazilwood bow
    2. High-quality wood case with nice felt interior
    3. Backpack straps
    4. Case pouch for music storage and plenty of storage for accessories
    5. Jade rosin block

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More about the Elisa Damiano Viola

Is the Damiano worth the price tag?
"This instrument is hand-crafted and has an outstanding sound. After playing your first few notes on it, you will most certainly see its value. You will find your sound quality to be brilliant with the Damiano, and this will be one of the best purchases you'll ever make. The lower register really sings on the Damiano (rich and mellow tones), and the higher end really speaks clearly and evenly. Even pure beginners will find great value in the Damiano, as it will play beautifully and is extremely easy to play. I really can't say enough about it!"

How will this viola compare to others out there?
"Most people that consider purchasing an expensive instrument like to compare it to others. I totally understand this, and encourage you to contact other viola shops to compare with the Damiano. I believe that if a student compares this viola to another instrument in a similar price range, they will decide to purchase the Damiano. I always choose great violas to promote on my site as I want my students to get the best possible sound from their viola as possible. I could recommend many other violas out there (I'm a licensed dealer with many US wholesalers), but I truly believe this one beats out the competition."

Would you recommend another viola in this price range?
"The Marina viola that I have on my site is a comparable quality instrument, but the Damiano has a better projection (louder sound). This projection that I'm talking about is generally preferred by more advanced students, but sometimes beginners like the Marina as well. If you don't like the Damiano viola after I ship it to you on trial, I highly recommend the Marina. Almost every student I have come across has either purchased the Marina or Damiano after trying them both."

What makes Superior Violins different?
"I make it a point to be as personal with every student as I can. I run this entire website myself, and only have two others that assist me with orders. This gives me a special touch that you won't get with most other sites. If you contact us, you'll sense the personal touch that we strive to create even though we are an online store. Live chat us any time, so we can help you through the process of not just obtaining an instrument, but the experience of progressing on the most beautiful instrument in the world, the violin and viola!"

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