Gia Rosana Violin

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This package gives you exactly what you need to get started the right way at an affordable price! Take it from us--we are all string players with a passion for helping others. This is a good quality instrument for the price range, with a 30-day money back guarantee!

The Gia Rosana Package comes with:

  • The Gia Rosana violin
  • A brazilwood bow
  • Foam case
  • Lightweight case with backpack straps
  • Rosin block

More about our Gia Rosana:

Our Gia Rosana violins are a little bit more expensive than some "cheap" violins out there, but ours are much more reliable, consistent, and sound much better than the competition. We inspect every instrument before it gets shipped out to insure quality. We strive to make our customers happy and make their learning experience get off to a good start!

Can I try this violin first before purchase?

We allow a 30-day trial period on all our instruments including the Gia Rosana. We will even pay for the shipping to send it to you! If you are interested in this offer, contact us or live chat us on the website.

How does the payment plan work?

We like to build a relationship with our customers, thus require you to contact us to setup a payment plan. We are flexible with payment structures, and can do payments as low as $9.99/month for our Gia Rosana, which includes free shipping! We require that you contact us to initiate this process, or live chat us on the website!

Can I trade-in this violin for something else later?

One thing that is very nice about Superior Violins is our generous trade-in program. We allow you to trade-in any violin that you buy from our site and put the equity you have paid towards an instrument of equal or higher value. This is a great program for building equity and to see if you develop enough interest in the instrument, and then get something even nicer in the future. If you start on a smaller size violin, you can simply swap your instrument for the next size up. Eventually you have the option to invest in some of our high-end instruments which are all awesome quality for each price range. Our program allows you to move up the ranks without paying a lot out of pocket.

Why is Superior Violins a great choice?

From Michael Sanchez - CEO

"I make it a point to be as personal with every student as I can. I run this entire website myself, and only have two others that assist me with orders. This gives me a special touch that you will not get with most other sites. If you contact us, you'll sense the personal touch that we strive to create even as an online store. Live chat us any time, so we can help you through the process of not only obtaining an instrument, but the experience of progressing with the most beautiful instrument in the world, the violin!"

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