Joey- Ultimate Backpack Case Carrier

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Are you an active violinist, running non-stop to rehearsals, performances, and lessons? Do you bring all your sheet music and accessories with you because there is zero time between your activities? Feel like you never have a free hand to take a phone call or grab a bite to eat? The Joey is the answer to your problem!

The Joey is a revolutionary new solution to carrying you violin case and all you accessories with ease! with the highest quality backpacking straps and cushions normally found only on top-end hiking and climbing gear, you'll forget you're wearing the Joey, yet everything you need is at hand.

Using the Joey is a snap! Easy to attach around any oblong violin case, and just as easy to remove. Secure clips and even safety strap assure that your case isn't going anywhere except with you.


Everything an active player needs in one place, with a stylish look! Black fabric with reflective piping assures a great look with added safety, and the back pack straps stow under a flap when not in use. Zippered storage pockets easily hold a large orchestra folder, several quartets, metronome, pre-amp, cable and pencils. There is a special pouch for your iPad or kindle and you can even bring your folding music stand in Joey's special, fold-flat storage pouch. The Joey is adjustable for use with all oblong violin cases.

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