Raul Samuela Violin

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The Raul Samuela violin is a great sounding instrument for the price. It has a bright tone with a great projection on the higher strings. The Raul Samuela would be a significant sound upgrade from the Matteo, and a similar sound quality to the Vitale.

The Raul Samuela Violin Package comes with:

  • A high quality brazilwood bow
  • High-quality foam case with nice felt interior
  • Backpack straps
  • Case pouch for music storage and plenty of storage for accessories
  • Good solid foam protection that is much better than most beginner quality cases
  • Rosin block

More about the Raul Samuela:

    Description of product from Michael Sanchez

    CEO of Superior Violins, Violin Tutor Pro and Author of "Fiddle for Dummies"

    The Samuela violin is a great sounding violin for the price. If you are looking for a sound upgrade from the Matteo, this violin will have a heavier projection, and definitely sound louder on the upper strings. If you struggle to get a loud/clear sound out of your violin, this is an excellent option."

    Does the Samuela violin come with everything I need to learn?

    This instrument comes with everything you need to get started. It includes the nice quality violin, equipped with a nice set of strings, nice bow, and a nice case . I consider this my best sounding violin in the under $500 price range."

    How can I be sure the Samuela is a good value?

    "The best way to find out if this instrument is a great value is to either trust me, or have me ship it to you on trial. I always choose instruments based on the sound quality, and the Samuela has replaced some of the old instruments on my site that I had in this price range. The wood quality on the Samuela is really great, and is probably the best factory made instrument I can recommend to you."

    Should I consider a more expensive instrument?

    "Price is always a big factor for students interested in upgrading to a better quality instrument. If you are ready, based on factors such as whether you are going to stick with it or not, I would definitely consider a hand-crafted instrument (most instruments over $1,500). If you were to compare this violin to the Vitale, you would see major differences, but both have their own unique qualities. If you were to compare this violin to the Luciano violin, you would definitely see an improvement in sound with the Luciano since it is hand-crafted. Any hand crafted instrument is going to sound better than a factory made instrument. I offer a great trade-in program where you can purchase this instrument, and later do a trade-in for a more expensive one. This allows you to work your way towards the premium sound by paying over time."

    What makes Superior Violins different?

    I make it a point to be as personal with every student as I can. I run this entire website myself, and only have two others that assist me with orders. This gives me a special touch that you will not get with most other sites. If you contact us, you'll sense the personal touch that we strive to create even as an online store. Live chat us any time, so we can help you through the process of not only obtaining an instrument, but the experience of progressing with the most beautiful instrument in the world, the violin!"

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