Tia Bruna Cello (special order)

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The Tia Bruna is a high-quality intermediate instrument that will last for years to come. The Tia Bruna has a rich and deep sound that will astound you with its projection. Carefully hand-crafted, the Tia Bruna has beautiful fine details on both the front and back. Offering an agressive and dark tone this cello is perfect for any student wanting to play a variety of different musical styles.

The Tia Bruna cello package comes with:

  • A high quality brazilwood bow
  • Thick padded bag
  • Backpack straps
  • Rosin block

Instrument Specifics

  • Hand-carved instrument made in the 21st century
  • The top is made from one piece of fine spruce throughout with a dark brown finish
  • The back is made from one piece of medium fine maple, with a dark brown to medium finish throughout
  • The rib wood is similar to that of the top and the back, but especially wider between each flame respectively
  • The scroll has a beautiful fine to medium flame throughout, with similar wood to that of the rest of the cello

Cello Setup:

  • Cello is set up by a professional luthier
  • Rosewood tailpiece
  • The fingerboard is made of high-quality ebony
  • The pegs are made of beautifully carved rosewood, with a lighter compliment rosewood

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