Tia Bruna Violin

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  • The Tia Bruna violin is a new model we now have available at Superior Violins. This violin has a very rich sound, with a nice even tone across the register. Each violin is hand-made with an antiqued looking finish.

    This package could easily sell for over $2,500 at retail shops.

    Description by Michael Sanchez
    CEO of Superior Violins, Violin Tutor Pro and Author of "Fiddle for Dummies"

  • Here is what the Tia Bruna Violin Package comes with:

    1. Brazilwood bow.
    2. High-quality wood shell case with nice felt interior
    3. Backpack straps
    4. Case pouch for music storage
    5. Rosin block

  • "The Tia Bruna violin is a great choice for anyone who wants a warm , dark and rich tone at a decent price. It comes well setup and adjusted and the workmanship throughout the instrument is excellent! At this price point it may be considered a "step-up" instrument, but there is no reason it could not be played professionally!"

    "I'm extremely happy with the sound and appearance of the Tia Bruna Violin. The flamed maple back is gorgeous. It's a well-balanced violin with a very good tone for a young (newly made) violin. I foresee that it will age gracefully and mellow quickly."

    "I loved it as soon as I opened the case and was really impressed with the sound and the quality of the instrument. The Tia is an excellent instrument at a really great price and I couldn't be happier dealing with Michael and the folks at Superior Violins."

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  • At Superior Violins, we work hard to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your purchase!

    30-Day Return Policy
    All our instruments and bows are covered by a 30-day return policy. If, for whatever reason you are unhappy with the instrument, or bow you purchase from us, you can contact us to request a full refund.

    Trade-In Policy
    We offer a full equity trade-in option for any instruments and bows you have purchased from us. We take the amount you paid, minus any damages, and give you this equity to apply towards any instrument or bow of equal or greater value. Contact us to coordinate a trade-in.

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More about the Tia Bruna Violin:

The Tia Bruna violin is a beautiful up-and-coming instrument available at Superior Violins. What is unique about the Tia Bruna is that the violin goes through a master workshop to be properly set up, and then from there is only chosen to be sold if the violin is top-notch quality. We only sell Tia Bruna violins if they have outstanding craftsmanship, no cosmetic flaws and most importantly, sound great.

Don't miss the second video of Professor Gregory Maytan talking about the instrument. He has used the Tia Bruna in some of his own master-level performances. Professor Maytan loves the color, depth of sound and the fact that it doesn't take much to get a great sound from string to string.

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