Violin Tutor Pro Series 1

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This set of lessons gets you started forming the right habits when practicing and playing the violin. Starting out with pizzicato training, you can focus on getting that left hand exactly where it’s supposed to be! You’ll explore some basic rhythmic patterns, and work gradually into proper bowing technique. Each lesson comes equipped with practice tips and reminders, and the series culminates with a performance piece to learn and master! Series 1 can be mastered in 12-16 weeks.

What will I accomplish?

  • Teach you how to properly handle your instrument and bow
  • Start off with good tone and eliminate all bad habits
  • Learn Proper technique
  • Understand theory on how to read music
  • Learn drills to apply to daily practice
  • Understand bow direction and speed
  • Confidently play in the key of D Major

How long will it take me?

    2-6 Months, depending on time dedication and previous musical experience

    Recommended Experience Level:

      Adults with 0-6 Months of Prior Experience

      Age 13-18 with 0-12 Months of Prior Experience

      Age 7-12 with 0-24 Months of Prior Experience

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