Viva Flex Violin & Viola Shoulder Rest

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The Shoulder Rest That Won't Fall Off!

Originally designed for the unique needs of the young, developing violinists, now with the addition of the full size Viva Flex, experienced adult players can enjoy the benefits of the Viva Flex too. The feet of the shoulder rest are strong, flexible steel with a protective soft plastic covering, greatly reducing fatigue on long and challenging passage work. The feet fold down easily to fit in your case.Best of all, they stay put even during vigorous playing, when other shoulder rests fall off. Made in Europe, with a plastic body and heavy foam padding on top. Available in four sizes, with your choice of four colors: brown, blue, red, or purple.

Ergonomically designed Viva La Musica Shoulder Rest come in several different styles, all of which are fully adjustable for height and width. They have a unique lateral adjustment system, to allow a custom fit for your shoulder. Ribbed rubber feet secure the rest with minimum contact with your instrument, allowing for thefts resonance and projection.

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